Traditional schools start back in a month! Are your kids ready?


Kindergarten Enrollment:
State law required vaccines for Kindergarten enrollment include: DTAP (5), Polio (4), MMR (2), HIB (4), Hep B (3), Vaicella (2), and Pneumococcal (4)

7th Grade Enrollment:
State law required vaccines for 7th Grade enrollment include: TDAP and Meningococcal. Recommended vaccines include: HPV, Hep A and Varicella

Sports Physicals and Annual Physicals:
An up-to-date physical and form is required for school sports tryouts.

Well-exam physicals are recommended for all school age children every 12 months.

Parents with Patient Portal Access can review their child’s immunization record and date of last physical by going to our website

Beat the back to school rush! Please call our office now to schedule your child’s appointment to get up-to-date on their physical and vaccinations! 336-228-8316